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All Above Solar, LLC., is an all-in-one solar power installation company. We are dedicated to helping our clients’ save money on their electric bill and preserve the earth’s environment. Solar companies usually install sub-par solar panels that cost more to repair than install and waste energy. That is what makes us different. We put our customers interests ahead of ours. Our goal is to be the best solar panel installation company in Arizona, and we do this by utilizing advanced solar power technology. Do not settle for less. Save money and reach for the sky with All Above Solar, LLC. Call now to get a free energy consultation: 602-500-4068.
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Advanced Solar Cell Technology

Unique Solar Cell Technology

We use HJT half cut cells to maximize power consumption. Under each cell is a mirror like technology to reflect light that passes through. This reflective layer bounces electrons back to the cell to absorb more energy. That means maximum power for maximum savings and higher return on investment. This gives you 20% more power compared to conventional solar panels. Learn more about this advanced solar cell technology and call now to get a free solar quote: 602-500-4068

Ribbon Solar Cell Technology

Advanced Energy Flow

Each solar cell has an increased number of connective ribbons to funnel through more energy. The electrons have less time to travel to the ribbons. This improves the flow of electricity current. This is a masterpiece design that reduces congestion, solar cell damage and reduces lead content by 81%. This gives your solar panels a much longer life compared to traditional solar panels. Learn more about how to improve electricity current in your home and call now to get a free solar quote: 602-500-4068

Advanced Two Panel Solar Power Technology

Reduction In Energy Waste

Typical solar panels stop harnessing the power of the sun if less than a quarter of the panel is shaded. Our solar panels are split in to two twin sections to reduce wasted energy. When shade turns off one side of the panel, the other side continues to absorb energy. This improves overall power output. Reduce energy waste and call now to get a free solar quote: 602-500-4068

Stronger Solar Cell Technology

Stronger Frame and More Durable Panels

Solar panels are interconnected with thousands of silicon solar cells. These cells can suffer small cracks that are impossible to see with the naked eye. These cracks stop the cell from operating. Our solar cells have multiple layers of silicone and specially developed foil, ribbon, and wire combination to reinforce each solar cell. Our panels also come reinforced with support bars that protect cells and the glass from bending. Call now to get a free solar quote: 602-500-4068

Enphase Solar Power Battery

Optimal Energy Storage

Homeowners consume majority of their electricity during the morning and evening. That means the afternoon, the sunniest part of the day, solar panels are collecting energy that is feeding into the electrical grid. Why not store this energy for later consumption? That is exactly what our all-in-one solar power installation program does. We have batteries and storage units that collect energy during the afternoon and night-time. Our goal is to reduce, if not eliminate, your electrical bill. Start saving today and call now to get a free solar quote: 602-500-4068

Solar Power Management Software

Enhanced Monitoring System

Homeowners can download the Enlighten desktop, tablet, and mobile app to monitor solar power system health, energy usage and storage anywhere at any time. We want to give you a home energy system that works, makes your life easier and saves you money. To give you piece of mind, All Above Solar, LLC. will also monitor your solar power system to ensure maximum production and savings while your are busy living your life. Learn how to save money and call now to get a free solar quote: 602-500-4068


REC Solar 25 Year Warranty

25-Year Warranty

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REC Solar Panel Technology

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Enphase Solar Power Battery and Monitoring System

Premium Batteries & Monitoring

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We believe in empowering clients with clean and affordable electricity by utilizing advanced solar panel technology. By harnessing the power of the sun, homeowners will drastically reduce their carbon footprint and electric bill. Above all, we are watchful of our customers interests and make their concerns the basis of our business. Get a free energy consultation and call 602-500-4068.

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